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Today is the greatest, day available

Today was a much better day than yesterday. I woke up, went to breakfast with a good friend I hadn’t seen in a while. We used to climb a lot together and go on trips, but our schedules haven’t aligned and he’s been busy with projects and work, as well as me who has just been busy with working and school. Anyway, it made my day start out better than yesterday.

I was able to feel okay bouldering at Ironworks. I took my time warming up like I know how to. I was able to focus in and refine beta as needed for some problems. I don’t care that it’s hard, but training myself to try other beta and figuring out what works best for me is a process I want to expand. I felt like I tried a lot of problems, but really only tried a couple of problems a lot of times. I was glad that my day turned out better than the previous day.

This wave of excitement comes as my girlfriend is in Las Vegas on a climbing trip. I miss her, but Im stoked she gets to go and climb outside in amazing areas with our friends. I’m excited to go outside and climb with her soon too. 

Hope you all have a good weekend!

And now for the the 5 O’Clock news…

Neglagent poster here! Get ya post here!

Since my last post a lot has happened. Or so I feel. Whirlwind of events.

My first Bishop trip of the season came and went. Only sent one new problem, “Go Granny Ho” (V7ish(?)), at the Buttermilks; got closer on one other climb; got a lot of homework I neglected done; had a fun time with the setters. I already miss it and can’t wait for the next trip.

Other than that, nothing much is happening climbing wise. Still setting, trying to work out climbing outside more, and plugging away at school.

I’m interested to hear what all you guys have to say about your start of the fall season! Let’s hear itn!

"Welcome to the major league!"

So I got a new job setting routes at Touchstone. The largest climbing gym system in CA and the US, it’s a huge step for me. It was time to move on. Though I miss the old crew, I’m stoked on my new gang. It really feels more friendlier and a lot less toxic. I’m excited to see how I grow as a route setter.

Plus my climbing will improve too. I’m psyched!


Part of my interview Tuesday involves flashing a 5.12b. 

Is this normal?


Gaby and I went to Tahoe.

I did a cool new problem called “The Amazing Gift” which is about V8 and some other things.

Gaby did her first two V5s. 

Even with a bum elbow, I was excited to climb outside. I hope we can go again soon.

I got 52 followers

Which is 2 more than my other blog. You know you should ask me something. Or tell me something. Anything.

Go for it. What’s there to lose?